Looking for a Professional to Move Your Whole Office?

Advice on How to Choose the Best Corporate Mover

Advice on choosing the right corporate mover — ensure you totally understand the services each mover offers and the price at which the services are to be provided. It’s advisable check with your region’s moving and storage association to find out more about the regulations which apply to movers in your area. Also, make sure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities when you decide to move.

Questions to ask a corporate mover

Do you have a current moving license?

How does your company charge, by the item or hour?

Does your services come with a minimum charge? How will you charge once the minimum is met, every 15-minute intervals or half hour?

Will you charge extra for bigger items or extra stairs?

Will you charge for travelling time from your office to my company?

Will you charge more for moves done in the evening or on weekends?

What payment options do you offer? Do you require a deposit?

Will you use full time staff, or do you bring in temps and day labor? Be wary of companies using temps or day labor as they are usually not properly insured.

Do you have worker’s compensation for your staff?

What type of training do your movers and drivers have?

Are all my belongings insured during transit? Even should a general corporate mover be bonded and insured, this does not mean your belongings are during transit. Some states demand movers to place a valuation of 60? per pound for coverage.

What type of cancellation policy have you got? You should be able to cancel or postpone at any time until a few days before your moving date.

Do you provide free quotes? We advise getting an estimate for every commercial move.

Do you give any advice on how to make a move simpler? Movers that care about their customer service and ensure your move is a positive experience will do everything they can to help you.

Do you have a phone number for the day of the move should anything happen?

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