What It Takes to Pack Like a Pro

Tips to Help You Pack from a Moving and Storage Service Provider

Today, we will help you learn how to pack different items like a pro so that you can quickly manage any relocation or storage project of yours. Here’s what our moving and storage service team advises you to do:


  • Pack books in small boxes since they tend to be heavy.
  • The books should be placed standing in the corners of the packing box.
  • Fill the box to the top in order to prevent crushing of the box.


  • You can fold clothes into suitcases and garment bags in order to save money on special packing boxes.
  • Use garbage bags to cover the clothes which you have already packed.
  • If you are packing for storage rather than moving, you may prefer to use some durable plastic containers instead of bags.
  • Large boxes can be used to pack folded clothes, like sweaters and shorts when you simply want to move them to your new home. For the more delicate clothes, you’d better choose a safer packing option, like your personal luggage, for instance.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothes that you cannot fold. You can save a lot if you rent them from your moving and storage service provider than if you buy them online.


  • China and fragile items. Use a dish-box for packing them. First, line its bottom with crushed paper before packing (you can use old newspapers). Cover the plates with wrapping paper completely before packing. Stack wrapped plates one over another, and then re-wrap the entire bundle. Place the bundle of flatware in carton so plates are standing on edge.
  • Pots, pans, and utensils. You can wrap a few spoons and forks together with packing paper. Pack them in a medium-sized box. Keep one or two sets of utensils out for times of need.

Packing lamps and lampshades, as well as electronics can be a bit complicated as well. In order to get more free tips on how you can do this, we strongly recommend you to call our moving and storage service team at (937) 240-0662! Easy Move of Dayton, OH will be glad to help you pack for a relocation or a long-term storage! We have the experience and knowledge that you need, and we are willing to share it!